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with Sara Goff

 Awakening to the Truth of Your Inner Radiance

'Listen to the Inner Light; it will guide you.

    Listen to the Inner Peace; it will feed you.

        Listen to the Inner Love; it will transform you,

            it will divinize you, it will immortalize you.'

                                                              -Sri Chimnoy


Awaken Your Truth ~ Embody Your Light

E-RYT500 Vinyasa Yoga Instructor Sara Goff proudly announces:


200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

COSTA RICA: Spring 2020

Deepen your practice,

discover your inner teacher, and

delight on the path toward sharing yoga with your cOMmunity,

with a training uniquely designed for those seeking to initiate their journey on the teacher's path...


Ways to Work with Sara

Public Class Schedule

Catch Sara weekly at PAI Yoga & Fitness in Columbus Ohio. 

Sunday 10:15 am Slow Flow - Dublin

Monday 9:30am Power Flow - Dublin

Monday 6pm Hot Power Flow - Dublin

Wednesday 12pm Yin  - Dublin

Wednesday 6pm Hot Power Flow - Dublin

Saturday 10:30am Warm Power Flow - Dublin

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Wild Woman Project Circles

Sara is so honored to have been leading new moon circles with The Wild Woman Project, founded by the incomparable Chris Maddox, since the beginning, when Chris handed off her first beloved Astoria, NYC circle to Sara's leadership and care. Sara is now proud to be at the forefront of restoring the divine feminine on the planet through these monthly Wild Woman New Moon Circles, offered at the Dublin location of PAI Yoga & Fitness. All who identify as women are lovingly welcome; bring your sisters, mother figures, best friends, and (teenage and up) daughters. Registration appreciated. 

Register for Upcoming Wild Woman New Moon Dates Here

Private Soul Coaching

Private Soul Coaching is at the heart of my work. 

While traditional 'life coaching' brings a focus to external goals and ambitions, Soul Coaching goes within, navigating into your inner life, while we weave in wisdoms of ancient spiritual traditions and modern psychological understandings, alongside occasional messages of both inner guidance and etherial support. 

Soul Coaching is a journey inward, into the depths of your inner truth. I often tell clients that I don't have the answers about what we will uncover when we travel inward, but I'm a great person to hold a torch with one hand, and your hand with the other. I'm intrepid, devoted to this process, and not afraid of the dark, and I'll bring wisdom and playfulness in equal measure, when needed. Most importantly, I'm in service purely to your highest good and on whatever we discover inside the depths of your soul. 

Private coaching requires no less than a six month commitment, and begins with a complimentary, exploratory phone consultation, so that we might discover what potential may reside in our collaboration. Email me to book an initial conversation.  It just may change our lives.  


What Sisters are Saying About Working with sara

"Sara's sharp intellect, sage heart & ability to see potential so clearly, make working with her profoundly uplifting. In our time together & between sessions, I feel divine clarity & velocity in my approach to life (work, relationships, inner life). Thank you Sara Goff, you are an angel!"

-Chris Maddox, Founder, The Wild Woman Project

And of course, the great highlight of my career is the honor of opening, co-faciliating, and co-producing as a Love Crew member the beloved annual Wild Woman Fest. I'll see you on the Mountain... 


Who We Are

Sara Goff, Aurora Satya Devi

Known for her unique blending of the playful with the sacred, Soul Guide and Vinyasa Yoga Instructor Sara Goff empowers her clients to create the lives of their dreams by delving ever more deeply into the stirrings of their own wise spirits and innate nature. Infusing her work with creativity, ancestral wisdoms, a dose of psychic gifts, and beloved philosophy and spiritual study of varied lineages, Sara hopes to inspire her students and sisters to awaken to their innate and massive possibilities toward the healing of both Self and the planet. Sara is a Love Crew facilitator for the beloved Wild Woman Fest, a Wild Woman Project circle leader, yoga and adventure retreat leader, speaker, co-founder of the wildly popular Vision Board Soiree phenomenon, as well as a globetrotter, adventurous aunt, and Unquenchable Believer in Love. After years living, growing, and teaching in New York City, Costa Rica, Colorado, Hawaii, India, and beyond, Sara currently dwells in her origin home of Ohio with her family, where she shares the teachings that have blessed her life. She can be often found hiking local parks or exploring the limits of playground swings.

Marissa Doughty, Support Sister

Marissa initially found yoga as a means of physical exercise but it quickly turned into wanting to learn more about the background of yoga and what it meant to be truly ‘living your yoga’. After practicing Vinyasa Yoga for 5 years, Marissa decided it was time to take the leap and was the first enrollee of the “Satya Embodied 200-HR YTT” in Costa Rica. Marissa is passionate about how yoga can be transformative for the mind, body and spirit and loves having the opportunity to share it with anyone she can.


Marissa is currently a Catering Sales Manager at a Hilton hotel in Columbus, OH, while teaching yoga to her team members and is looking forward to having yoga become a full-time life adventure!


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